Thursday, May 10, 2012

Continuing Care Communities

Even though I have Lewy Body Dementia, I am blessed to still be able to express myself, and I do through this blog.  I will admit that I am having increasing issues expressing myself verbally because I loose my thoughts and can't find the words.  But, when I get a thought chain going, I seem to be able to get my thoughts expressed through my computer.  Of course, if it were not for spell check, you would not recognize my thoughts as English!  Technology is great.

My wife and I have looked at numerous Seniors apartments, continuing care communities, and assisted living apartments.  We actually lived in an "Over 55" apartment community before we moved to Florida and liked it.  My wife does not feel comfortable in a Continuing Care Community and I can see her point.  She is a healthy, vibrant, independent, person and naturally feels stifled and controlled in those type of facilities.  The other serious drawback is the up front fees.  Some of these places want $300k or more up front.  Then they charge you $4000 a month to live there!  Expensive by any measure.

Just the same, I feel secure, safe, and provided for in a facility that would see to my needs no matter what medical or mental issues occur.  I never had this need for security until recently.  My dream was always to live on 20 or more acres and be a survivalist!  A small house, wind turbines for electricity, grow my own vegetables, wood heat, you get the idea.  Now I would rather have a small room with 24 hour care!  My security dream has changed indeed.

We have come to a decision on this topic that I hope works. Some time ago, I don't remember exactly when, we visited the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Gulfport Mississippi.  It is a beautiful facility and I immediately fell in love.  While my wife cannot live there, she can visit and I can go out anywhere we want.   We will move her to an apartment or condo close to the "Old Sailors Home" when, and if, I get my move in date.  The cost is very manageable and if I qualify, that's where I want to be.  Of course, they have to accept me with my present diagnosis.  The rule is you must be self-sufficient when you move in.  There is a two year waiting list right now, but I have applied.  So, we will see what this brings.

Again, I am blessed to be able to express myself.  If you have been diagnosed with LBD, let you desires and wishes for future care be known while you still can.  Don't play Ostrich and stick your head in the sand!  Make plans and do research while you still have an input.  Maybe staying home, with assistance is OK with you.  Maybe not!  But planning is the key to a smooth transition through the stages of our disease.

While I write less now than before, I will continue to express myself and describe the issues I face in my journey.  It helps me and I pray it benefits others.  Thanks.

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