Monday, April 30, 2012

I was told this move would cause issues.

We have been in Florida for six months and for the most part, it has been good. The family time is great!  The winter was warm and I seem to be getting acclimated to the area.  But Florida has it's own issues too.  When I used to talk about moving to Florida, before my son and his family moved here, my wife would rattle off a list of negative issues about living in Florida.  Bugs as big as cats, snakes, BIG snakes, sink holes, hurricanes, are just the beginning of the list.  Of course, when the grand sons moved here, we moved.  Yesterday we spent around the pool at my sons house.  We came home about 8PM.  As we drove home, we noticed swarms of bugs in the air!  When we got home, one of my neighbor's garage door would not close because the swarming bugs were blocking the safety sensors!

WHen we got home, in the garage, our door would not successfully close in power either.  I looked at the bugs and I thought they were flying ants.  Then we went into the house and noticed hundreds of these bugs crawling all over.  On the wall in our bedroom, there were bugs boring holes in the dry wall!  They were termites!!  I called the company I have the pest contract with, an absolute requirement in Florida, and they came out today.  We have Formosa Termites!  I can't get normal north American termites.  I have to get the exotic types!   The pest control folks are taking care of convincing the termites to move some where else!

Florida, not just a state, it's an adventure!

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