Monday, March 12, 2012

Latest neurologists visit. Interesting!

Well, we had our second visit to the new neurologist.  After waiting for longer than I wanted to, we saw the doctor.  He went right to his briefing on all the tests he did on me.  He said I have mild sleep apnea,  I have a severe memory loss, my muscle enzymes are up, I have a vitamin D deficiency and I have hypo-thyroidism.  That came as a surprise.  But, after the appointment, we did some time line construction and we determined that I started to gain weight about 9 months ago.  I am up 30 pounds!  I also can trace my tiredness, my increased memory issues, my leg muscle pain, and the fact that I am either too cold or sweating severely, to that period.  So, this may have came on recently.

In any case, this means more pills!  But it may be a positive turn of events because I may see an improvement in my memory and the leg pains may decrease.  Also, my energy levels may increase and that would be good.  I could also loose some weight and I need that to help the mild sleep apnea.  It's all tied together it seems.

My wife is frustrated with the constant change of diagnosis and prognosis.  Each doctor has their own idea and since dementia issues cannot be definitively diagnosed, it will always be this issue of the day every time we go to the neurologist.  At least he is not telling me I don't have LBD or that I am not sick.

One other test they ran was the cognitive skills test.  He said I had no memory!  But I knew that.  I really tried on that test, but, it gave me the results that I expected.

So, tomorrow I will start a new set of pills and we shall see if he has this one right!

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