Monday, March 26, 2012

Hypothyroidism meds, Part II

Well, after a couple of telephone calls to my neurologist and a reduction in the dose to one-half a tablet, I think we are on the right path.  I took the reduced dose for 6 days and I had no headaches.  So, today I upped the dosage to one pill.  This is where I was supposed to start.  I have also changed my dosage time to first thing in the morning instead of at night, just before bed.  I also think this is part of the beneficial effect.  My plan is, to take one tablet for a week, then increase to one and a half.  Finally getting to the two pills dosage in a couple of weeks.  This is slower than the neurologist wanted but I think I will tolerate it better.  Since I take so many meds, my body is just about at it's limit, in my opinion.  Yes, I know I  did not go to medical school, but I do know how my body reacts.

The one thing I am a bit aggravated about is the slow speed that my new neurologists office replied.  Again, I know they are busy, but when I call with one of the "Serious" contra-indications of the medicine as outlined on the sheet the Pharmacy gave us, I would expect the doctor to reply to me in an expeditious manner!!  Just my opinion.  

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