Monday, March 19, 2012

Hypothyroidism meds are TOUGH!

My last post discussed the fact that my new neurologist did a blood test that lead him to believe I have a thyroid gland tat is not putting out as much, what ever it puts out, as it should.  His answer was a medicine, a pill, that would solve my problem!  Sounds reasonable.  I even checked on WEBMD and they agreed.  He started me on one half the dose and I was supposed to take that for two weeks to get used to the medicine.

The first couple of days went OK, but a couple of days ago, I developed a headache.  Not the run of the mill headache, but the kind you get after drinking too much, for a week!  It is a migraine, vascular, whopper of a headache and Excedrin does not phase it.  We called the neurologist and left a message but have not received a reply.  He is probably golfing!

So, I intend to cut the dosage to half a pill and see if that helps me get rid of this air hammer in my head!  Until then, I will sit here in the quiet.

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