Saturday, March 3, 2012

Changes are here.

I have been on this road for a few years now.  And, much like the kids in the back seat of the car during a family car trip, I have asked way to many times; are we there yet?  Well, it appears to me that I am there, now.  I feel disconnected and distant in my mind.  I get tired easily, I am moody, grumpy, and I don't want to do anything.  But the one thing that is driving everything is the feeling of being mentally lost.  I know where I am, but I am lost within my mind,  My memories are lost or scrambled much of the time.  I have great difficulty putting sentences together.  Thank Microsoft and my wife for spell check or you could not read my thoughts.  Anything mental is becoming more of a challenge.  I loose track of what I am doing easily, can't recall facts that used to spill out of my mouth, and it is frustrating to me.

Another issue with LBD is the automatic functions of your brain get confused.  Like my blood pressure.  One time it is 110/60 the next time it is 140/100.  My new GP got really worried the last time he took my BP.  Wanted to jump into BP meds.  I told him to calm down.  Also, I am experiencing involuntary muscle movements that I cannot control in my legs and now my arms.    Right now it is just an annoyance, but it is a further degradation of my brain functions.

I guess I am just frustrated with my mental state.  I see the loss of mental function and I now know I am there, now.


  1. Thank you for your honesty. My mother has been diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia and I often wonder what is going through her mind or if anything is at this point. Your post gives me some insight into the mind of someone with LBD. Good luck. I'm praying for a cure...or a miracle.

  2. I'm glad you put the brakes on the BP meds.
    Hubby has the same issues as well as his internal thermostat.
    Dr wanted him on BP meds also we refused them. I keep track of his BP and majority of the time he is fine aside from the occasional fluctuation.
    Trying to keep his internal thermostat regulated is challenging. He can switch from hot to cold and back again in no time flat.

    I wish I knew what to say that could ease some of your frustrations, so I'll just say, I'm still praying.