Friday, February 10, 2012

Things that bother me

I have addressed this in some detail before, but tonight I am really bothered by the staccato, jumping around, noise, activity of my wife.  Now DON'T get me wrong, my wife is a super woman!  She takes wonderful care of me and is exceptionally caring of me.  She does everything she can to make my life as smooth and pleasant as possible.  But, almost every evening, she gets this fit of activity that drives me crazy.  I can control my emotions and hold in my rage.  But, sometimes, after a time of extreme activity, when I am tired, worn out, I am extremely susceptible to the effects of this hyperactivity.  Again, I know it is not something she does on purpose, it is just the way she is wired.  But she needs to understand that my wiring is "shorted" and things that she sees as normal for her cause me great discomfort.  No, I don't discuss it with her.  I did once, that was sufficient.

I take meds at night to ease the stress, emotional discomfort, take the edge off.  But I do not think they do much because I still experience this issue almost every night.  I guess on the positive side, I can say she is consistent!   So, I will just continue to deal with this issue.  I do worry about this as an issue that will continue to get worse as I progress down the road of Lewy Body Dementia.  But, there is nothing I can do about it, now or in the future.  So why worry.

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  1. The evenings around here bring more hypersensitivity to Hubby also.
    Normal activities like cleaning the kitchen and rattling dishes have upset him. Although these things can't be avoided or put off he can let me know he is annoyed by them. I work in short increments to help alleviate some of this for him.
    Perhaps you could let her know when you feel that way. Then perhaps she can adjust :)
    Just a thought.