Thursday, February 2, 2012

The state of me.

I was just discussing with my wife that I am tired of not feeling like myself!  I believe this is my way of starting to deal with the fact that I will never feel like I used too.  The neurologist I saw before I left Virginia said I had not yet dealt with my disease.  I strongly disagreed with her then, but maybe she was right.  Since the move to Florida, my wife and I have noticed changes for the worse in my mental and physical condition.  This disease is progressing and I know it.  Up to now, I may have been in denial like others were.  But now, it seems I may have a fight on my hands.  

On another note. I have received a number of telephone calls from friends used to work with.  Their telephone calls are great therapy for me.  I enjoy hearing their voices and discussing the issues of the day.  Politics, sports, work, their's not mine.  They seldom ask how my disease is progressing and I appreciate that.  I love to get their calls, I miss them.

So, that's the sate of me, today.  But, like a tide moving on the sand, this will change too.  I like that.  Change is good.

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