Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sleep study

Well, the long avoided sleep study finally happened!  They made accommodations for my wife to stay with me, because I wake up disoriented and frightened sometimes.  They made accommodations for her, sort of.  There was a recliner for her to sleep in.  Not the best night's sleep for her.  I on the other hand, had a bed that was fairly comfortable.  The staff wired me up and I looked like the Mercury Astronauts getting ready for the first manned flight!  Tubes in my nose, wires stuck to my head with globs of something that looked and felt like Elmer's Glue, wires on my legs, my arms, my hands, my goodness, how do they expect me to sleep!  How can roll over?  How do I go to the bathroom?

But, it worked.  While I felt like I got very little sleep, my wife, who really did get very little sleep, said I slept pretty well.  I have not seen the results yet, but the technician did not come in and put a CPAP mask on me in the middle of the night, so I must have done well.

I view this a a required test.  A check in the box.  Something to suffer through.  Do I think that I have sleep apnea?  No.  But I understand the doctor needs to check all possibilities.  So, it is done, and I am glad.   I am sure they will come up with something else to do.

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