Sunday, February 5, 2012

My career's effect on my health.

During a telephone call with my Brother yesterday, we talked about my retirement and he asked me how my wife liked retirement.  My answer was; "She thought she would miss work.  That lasted about 15 minutes."  The truth is, we are much better off, health wise, retired than in our individual careers.  The reasons are both obvious and hidden.  The obvious reasons are know to most of us.  Having our entire day together.   Being able to do what we want, when we want.  No deadlines, no projects, unless we plan them.  I often call retirement six Saturdays and one Sunday per week.  These benefits are good for our mental and physical health.

The hidden benefits are things we choose not to talk about.  For instance, my wife and I both worked in caustic, emotionally poisonous environments.  The office politics, the management bullies, the individuals that only profit if someone in the team fails.  All of these emotional stressors  combine to make going to work painful, even repulsive!  We all have experienced these issues and we justify them in our mind by telling our self; "It's this way every where."  Well, if it is, it shouldn't be.

I retired because I had reached the point in the progression of my LBD that I could no longer effectively do my job.  I could not remember how to do the basic parts of my position.  Yes, there were friends that would have carried me.  But that is not fair to them or the organization.  But, retirement has actually helped me feel better.  Retirement has extended my useful mental capabilities and made my quality of life better.  Will I live longer,  no.  But, I will live better!  I regretted retiring because I enjoyed what I did and the people I worked with.  However, after looking at the positive effects of being retired, I have to say that the ability to retire has been a great benefit to me.  The caustic effects of office politics took it's toll on me, and now I know just how much.

I often tell people, there are two things GOD is not making any more of;  Land and time!  Time, not money is the most precious thing you have,  And, since we do not know when GOD will call us home, tie is also an unknown.  There will never be enough money if we don't stop wanting and spending. If you are diagnosed with a disease that is not curable, consider how you are going to spend that valuable time.

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