Monday, February 13, 2012

Legal issues

We spent the day getting our legal issues in order for our new home state.  It seems the law is different from state to state.  That's good!  It means States Rights and the Tenth Amendment still exist.  In any case, we met with our new Elder Law attorney to redo our medical directive, power of attorney and even our wills.  These are important issues to anyone but they are specially important to families and individuals effected with a dementia disease.  You see, at some time, probably sooner than later, I will become unable to conduct my own business or convey my wishes for end of life care.  And, since our society has become so litigation based, doctors and financial institutions are very protective of their share holders.   So they want to be sure the person telling them the wishes of the patient who is now unable to tell them himself what he wants, is actually legally permitted to do what they say they are!   Now, you say, I don't have dementia, so I don't need these documents.  You know that is not true, but you are in denial.

This visit was free and the documents we need will only cost about $400.  Now that is cheap insurance to ensure my wishes are followed, when I cannot convey them.  I have been in the hospital once since I was diagnosed and as the doctor was reviewing my medicine list, he topped talking to me and addressed all questions to my wife as soon an he saw I was taking Arecept and Namenda!!

Again, this is just one important step on the road to the future.  And being prepared is the only way to ensure your spouse, your children and you are prepared and legally protected.  

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