Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I loose track of time.

I was looking at my blogs this morning and I realized I had not posted in a few days.  It is not a new thing, but I loose track of time.   If you asked me, I would have said it was only yesterday that I wrote my last blog.  But, as you know, it was not.  Today, my wife is at a crafting event, so I am alone, except for my faithful companion Marcel, at home.  As it always happens, I will be totally surprised when she walks in!  And I will not have accomplished all the things I had planned.  Why, because I loose track of time.  I even know how it happens, I get distracted.  Like now, I am blogging instead of working in the garage getting it organized.   Oh well, no big deal.

On another note, I went to see my new neurologist sometime last month, I don't remember when.  He did some memory tests and blood tests.  I am anxious to see the results of those.  I don't remember what the blood test was for.  He will tell me when I see him next.  When is that, I don't know but my wife does.  She keeps me on track.

Well, back to whatever I am supposed to be doing.  Or maybe I will just watch the rain.        


  1. Hello Silverfox,
    I found your blog sometime before Christmas and have read most of your postings. I appreciate the information you have shared as I do not know anyone directly who has lewy body. I was diagjnosed first with Parkinsons 18 months ago and then with lewy body about 6 months ago. I taught high school math until about a year ago. In June 2011, I took early retirement and my wife took early retirement also as my caregiver. We moved into a smaller home and have been organizing things ever since.

  2. Personally I would rather you blogged instead of worked in the garage...