Sunday, February 26, 2012


My neurologist in Virginia Beach cautioned me that my hallucinations would progress from my visions of small rodents running across the floor to people that I will talk to!  Turns out, she was right!  No, I have not had a conversation with one of my "Friends" yet, but my hallucinations are getting bigger and more realistic.  Yesterday, I saw a small dog, walking across the kitchen floor last night.   Now my faithful friend "Marcel" was laying closely by my side.  My wife was on the couch with us, and there was that dog, walking across the kitchen.  I looked at Marcel just to make sure it was not him, then I told my wife.  Her reply was; What does it look like?  She mentally catalogs everything I tell her.  But, she is not easily upset by my issues.  A great combination in a care giver.

So, much like the night I punched my wife because of a dream I was having, another issue surfaces in full cover.  By the way, when I told my neurologist about punching my wife, she replied; I was expecting that!  Funny, I wasn't and I am sure my wife was not either.


  1. Buy your wife another pillow. She can do what I did and used it as a shield from Hubby's REM sleep disorders!

    Hubby has never been distressed by his hallucinations, either visual (something he seems to have the least of) or auditory. I think somehow he knows what is going on isn't real. Is that the same with you?
    Are you aware that they are hallucinations when there is no acknowledgement from your own pet or wife? Are they distressful to you?
    Hubby's biggest questions to hallucinations are auditory. He will often ask if there are others in the house when he thinks he hears them talking, but accepts that there is not when I assure him.
    I'm glad that he isn't distressed :)

  2. Thank you for sharing. The doctors still have not said what is my problem but I have little green men with red all around them with me most of the time. They do not scare me but I'm scared because I see them. Today is the first day that they are playing tricks on me, jumping out of spaces like drawers, these little guys are starting to play jokes on me. They are very small and ride on peoples shoulders, they sit on top of the table when I eat. All I no is that I'm very frightened that I see them.