Thursday, January 12, 2012

Writing has become difficult.

My wife and I have discovered a local pottery shop in Gulf Breeze on Florida 98.  This shop is fantastic.  They carry some very whimsical and unique Mexican pottery that we really like decorating with.  Brightly colored lizards, frogs, suns, turtles, just about anything you can imagine.  We have used these as wall art and accent pieces.  They are different, and happy!  While we were in the shop this week, the shop owner asked me to sign her log book, including my email address so she could let me know what she was finding on her upcoming trip to Mexico.  My wife was busy perusing the shop, so I obliged her.  I did the best I could printing the required information.  The shop owner commented on how good my penmanship was and my wife looked surprised.  I had done my very best and it looked like very good third grader printing.  I know that, but it is the best I can do.

As my LBD has progressed, my hand writing has gone down hill.  My wife, who has beautiful hand writing, says my writing always looked like chicken scratch.  But now, I don't even try to write cursive.  Instead I print, slowly, deliberately, and poorly.  After just a few words, my hand begins to cramp and my printing gets really bad.  So, thank technology for computers.  Although, my typing and spelling are not much better than my printing.  Thank technology for spell check!

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  1. Have you run across Ken? He lives in the UK and is also a blogger with Lewy Body. He uses some kind of voice recognition for his blogging. It might be worth a check out :)