Monday, January 9, 2012

Working out!

Yes, it's not a trick title.  My wife, for my health, has encouraged me to start walking on our treadmill.  We purchased it after we moved to Florida for her to keep in shape with.  As you know, I have had increased issues with major muscle group pain, especially in my legs.  So, since my Neurologist in Virginia wanted me to stretch and do some physical workouts,  she decided the treadmill would be good for m.

The treadmill offers me a secure place to walk.  I am actually surrounded by a grab bar and I am home, so if there is an issue, I am in a safe location.  Also, I won't use the treadmill unless she is here.  My poodle, Marcel, watched me play "Hamster on the wheel" as if to say;  You're not going anywhere!  And, where do we pee?"  Just the same, he stayed by the machine for the 22 minutes I walked.  Before I was attacked by Mr. Lewy, I was a disciplined workout nut.  I used the gym at work, before I went home, at least three times a week.  And my wife and I walked our neighborhood for hours.  I used to accuse her of taking me on the "Bataan death march" every time she wanted to walk to trim down!  Walking is also relaxing for her and I enjoy it also.  But, I am increasingly unstable and I get tired easily, so I don't go on big walks anymore.  So, the treadmill may be the answer.

I did well for my first tie, I walked 22 minutes, a little over a mile, and my legs hurt.  But, they hurt before I got on the treadmill, so, no change there.  I am sure it is good for my waistline, my heart, and probably my other issues.  In any case, it won't hurt!  Now, let's see if I can get disciplined enough to keep it up.  I am sure my wife will help!  I' glad!

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