Sunday, January 15, 2012

Things we do, without knowing.

I am not a Neurologist, a Psychiatrist, of a Psychologist, so I don't have the answer for the questions that I am going to ask.  And, if you are squeamish about bodily functions, stop reading.  Of course, if you have LBD or care for someone that does, these issues are not new to you.  Additionally, I am venturing into some new territory for my blog, and for most LBD blogs that I read.  But, that's what I do, I address what I am going through.  So, here we go!

When my father in law had Alzheimer's and lived wit us, he had a habit of picking his nose.  Not the usual, discreet, necessary, nose picking that we all do, especially at stop lights!   But the incessant nose picking, for no apparent  reason that lead to him wearing a hole in the inside of his nose. This lead to extensive bleeding because he was prone to bleeding.  I thought maybe he was bored, or maybe not in control of his actions due to the Alzheimer's.  The doctors did not have an answer then.  But they knew little about the disease at that time.  But, I now pick at my face, hair, fingers, nose, incessantly!  I cannot stop.  My wife calls it to my attention and I stop for a minute, but then I am back at it.  My hands are an easy target due to the damage from the hydraulic fluid that I worked with in the Navy.  I also find sores other places on my body and assault them too.  I will pick until I bleed!  Then find another place.  I never seem to run out of places to pick and never find the ability to stop.  I partake in this practice every waking moment, no matter what I am doing!  You may say I am OCD, and maybe I am. But no one has told me that.  And I don't exhibit any other "Monk" like issues.  But one thing I know for sure, I am driving my poor wife crazy!  She will look at me and I am bleeding from two or more spots that I have picked.  She tells me to stop, but I can't.

So, I ask those of you who are my electronic support group;  Do you see this in your patient?  Let me know.  I m sure we will bring it up with the new Neurologist tomorrow.  Oh joy, another Neurologist to prove my sickness too!!!  

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  1. Yes we too deal with this issue. :(

    Hubby has dug sores in his head, arms and his hands, and you mentioned something that intrigued me because he was a Gunners Mate in the Navy. His hands, will for no reasons whatever, develop blisters on them. they have for years and the V.A. has no explanation for it or cure, we've tried every cream and ointment they offer.

    We (I) keep them drained and alcohol on them but Hubby can pick them to bleed also. It's only frustrating to me because I fear Hubby will get an infection but he doesn't seem to be able to stop the habit either. Keeping his nails trimmed it the best I can do to keep the damage to a minimum.

    I know this wasn't the answer you would have liked but it is our reality with Lewy Body.

    My best to you and your wife.