Monday, January 16, 2012

New Neurologist

Today, we had our first visit with our new Neurologist.  I say, our NEW Neurologist, because I am going to keep him!  He is attentive, engaged, and took ownership of me!  He dd not question my diagnosis like so many others do.  But, he wants to do more testing and said there is a new "Memory" drug on the market that may help more than the Namenda and Razadyne.  He also could explain the "Dark Spot" that shows up in my brain scans.  No other Doctor could do this!  I'm impressed.   I have another set of cognitive skills tests set for this week, he did blood tests today to see if my muscle pain is related to any drugs I take, and he is working on getting me a better nights sleep.  Not bad for a first visit.  By the way, he spent an hour with me!!

Maybe, the move to Florida is good for my health in the long run!

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