Thursday, January 12, 2012

Alone, with others

As many of you know, we recently moved to Florida from Virginia.  We lived in Virginia for 31 years, most of them in the Tidewater area.  I was stationed there in the Navy and after I retired I worked for the Navy as a Civil Servant until I retired again.  I have a wide network of friends in the Tidewater area from the Navy, Church, and the shooting community.  I constantly ran into old acquaintances and friends when shopping or out for an evening.

Now, we are in a new area and, with the exception of my Son and his family, I know no one and I am lonely.  Yes, I love being with my Son and family.  I love interacting with the  Grandsons.  But they all have a life too, and the grandsons are teenagers.  So they have their own lives also, and that is good.  In addition, my wife has taken up crafting as a hobby.  This is something she has not done since she went to work long ago.  So, there are positives to the move.  However, I am reporting a negative effect that also exists.  Do I want to move back to Tidewater?  No.  However, I wish some of my friends would move here.  I know that is selfish, and to tell the truth, my best friends are coming to visit in March.  So, I am really looking forward to that.  I expect I will wear them out talking, touring, and eating!  So, I have a respite scheduled.  But again, I am just reporting an issue.

How do I make things better?  Well, I tried to volunteer at the USS Alabama Memorial Park, but they never replied.  And we tried to volunteer at a local hospital holding high risk, new born infants, but they have not replied either.   I have not found a Church that needs a stand in Preacher, so I will continue to look for opportunities to volunteer and get involved.  But for now, I am alone, with people.

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  1. Have you considered Hospice volunteering? Or visiting a Sr Center? We only went once and I enjoyed myself, but Hubby didn't like hanging out with the "old" people! LOL
    Truth is he has a preconceived idea about it and had already made up his mind he wouldn't like it.