Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tired, worn out, weak.

My son and I spent the day touring the USS Alabama.  It was wonderful for me to be back on a combat ship. As a tech rep at NAVSEACENLANT I worked 16" Guns on the Iowa class Battleships.  The ones on Alabama are 16"/45 but still awesome.  It was great, I was home.

There is always a "but" in today's stories though.  That would be that for the first time, I had difficulty getting around the ship.  Normally, before LBD, I could go up and down ladders, in and out of hatches, without ANY effort.  Today, after an hour I was tired,  We broke for lunch and in the afternoon, I was stumbling, having trouble lifting my legs over the "Knee Knockers" and in general having trouble moving about.  Tonight, even after a soak in my son's hot tub, my legs are stiff, tight, and sore.   I know, what am I complaining about, I got to go see the USS Alabama.   True, and it was wonderful.  But it reminded me of what is happening to me and that always pulls me up short!

Again, this is a report, not a complaint.  Just two months ago, when my wife and I toured the same ship, I was able to get around without pain or difficulty.  Today, that was not the case and I believe that is a progression of my LBD.  I know, soon, I will need my cane all the time and a walker some of the time.  I expect that.  For now, I will remain stubborn and hard headed until I fall and break something!  That's my way of fighting back and not giving in to LBD.

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