Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone!    This is a season that I have always had problems with.  Even before LBD, I suffered from depression and withdrawal during Christmas.   I did not like the decorations and made Christmas drudgery for my wife.   This year is different!  I have enjoyed the season.  I wanted a Christmas tree.  WE bought a new tree and I put it up as soon as we got it home.  Then, I helped decorate it.  I can truly say, I am fully enjoying this Christmas!!  No depression, No withdrawal.  This is good.   I do not know what brought the drastic change, but I am glad it happened.  So is my wife.

While I know that any good time is followed by a severe degradation of my condition, I am really enjoying this respite.  I will take the bad, later.

I have seen some new articles about Lewy Body Dementia on the Web.  It seems there has been more recent research on our disease that centers on the prognosis.  While some will take this news badly, I am glad to see more attention being paid to LBD.  I pushed my Neurologist for an accurate diagnosis so that my wife and I could concentrate on research and medicines specifically designed for my disease.  I never liked the "Shotgun method" of addressing anything!  Check out what is available on line.

Again, enjoy this season.  It is a season of hope and love.  That is all we really have.  Merry Christmas.

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