Friday, December 2, 2011

Lost things that are important to me.

Today, my wife and I had a good day.  We had some business to conduct at the County Tax Assessor's Office and that went very well.  We walked on the Navarre pier.  It was beautiful, the weather was warm, the Gulf of Mexico was inviting, and we had a great time.  After that, we went to the Air Force base to check out their rifle and pistol club.  They have a good facility that will meet most of my needs and desires.  The thing that was missing was Navy personnel!  I was surrounded with Air Force personnel.  Not that they are bad or sub-standard, but they are not the people that I have been with for 40 years.  Additionally, Pensacola is an aviation base.  So the sailors and officers there are "Brown Shoe" sailors not the "Black Shoes" that I am used to.  Neither the Air Force personnel or the Navy Aviators know about or care about Navy combat ships, gun mounts, or Gunner's Mates!  And I miss that camaraderie.  That loss negative effects me. Do I think it will pass, probably.  But for now, I have no one to talk too and no one to relate too.

So, we will see.  Maybe I will take an add out in the local paper for a Navy "Black Shoe" to talk to.  It can't hurt!


  1. You just might be surprised :)

    If you FaceBook, have you looked for a group of shipmates? I know that's not tangible but it is something and a way to stay connected to people with similar likes and experiences :)

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