Thursday, December 8, 2011

Found a new Doctor!

One of my fears with the move to Florida was finding a doctor I could relate too.  My Family Doctor in Virginia Beach was a wonderful, caring, personal, man with professionalism and compassion that is rarely seen.  I was his patient for 15 years and I did not want to leave his care or his friendship.  Today, I went to visit a Family Practice doctor who was recommended by my Son's Brother in Law, who is also a Doctor.  This fellow is very caring and seems genuinely interested in my care.  He listened to my ramblings and I believe he was interested.  However, I learned something today filling out all the forms, answering all his questions abbot my condition, my past injuries, my exposure to the hydraulic fluid in the Navy, and my surgeries;  I learned that I am SICK!  There's a lot going on with me and none of it is good.  I am a wreck!  I was rode hard and put up wet.  I abused my body and the Navy did the same, for over 40 years and now I am paying the price.

I suppose this is nothing new to you who read my blog, but it just overwhelmed me to openly discuss everything at one.  In one 45 minute appointment, we discussed ten years of medical procedures, operations, medicines, tests, and symptoms.  Again, I say, WOW, I am sick!!

I also had difficulty conveying all of my issues.  I would formulate an answer to his question and then loose half of the answer.  Then, two questions past the answer I lost would pop up in my memory and I would tell him about that issue.  He must really be confused!  I know I was.  But, he calmly listened and asked leading questions.  I almost felt like I was talking to a speed dating service!   Maybe not.  But, it was rapid fire questions and answers, separated by gaps in memory on my part.  But, he is a keeper.  Now, we will see how the neurologist is in January.


  1. Yay! I was hoping you would find a good doc!!!

  2. Wonderful news!
    I too am very glad you found a Dr you feel comfortable with.

    I'm sure this has to be a big relief for you and your wife :)