Sunday, November 13, 2011

Slipped a cog, and it shows.

Today, we had a special family dinner at our new home.  It was wonderful to have a group of people sit around the dinner table and just have fun!  Conversations were flowing richly and I was engaged, about half of the time.  I felt myself check out a number of times.  Once, my Daughter in Law noticed that I was overwhelmed and she asked if I was OK.  my wife also noticed.  The only time I really joined the conversation was when the topic turned to Navy.  I live in the past for the most part, and therefore always have a few sea stories ready for the unsuspecting guest.  Today was no different.  I even managed to remember some things my Son had never heard.

Just the same, I notice I am overwhelmed by large groups, strange locations, and of course, the dark, more than ever.   My Wife and I also noticed this Friday night when we were out, after dark, for a birthday dinner.  Large, friendly group, in a place I had not been.  There was a lot happening, many conversations, and people moving all around.   This is something to be aware of, but not surprised by.

Another issue is, I need more down time.  That is, time where nothing is being asked of me or required of me.  My Wife continually tries to keep me engaged.  This is good, on a limited basis.  But, I need time to recharge my damaged mental battery.  That is hard for my Wife and others who love me.  They think keeping me up on my governor is good for me.  Not so.

We will be looking for a neurologist this week.  I need the safety of knowing I have a doctor on my team.  That is another big issue with the move to Florida.  Rebuilding my support team.

All in all, I think I am doing as well as can be expected, considering that someone put my entire life in a blender and put the selector switch on puree!

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