Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Little things cause me BIG issues!

It is interesting the effect small disappointments in life have on me.  For instance tonight, two of my favorite television shows were not on.  They should be new, but they were preempted for a Christmas special that has been on every year for 40 years!!  That really aggravated me!!   Now, I know that is a small issue, but I am such a "routine" driven person now that I get angry over the slightest change in my routine.  Another issue is that I cannot figure out the new cable system that we have here in Florida.  Now, I know that learning new things is almost impossible because of the "Executive Function" of my brain is broken by my LBD.  Just the same, knowing and being effected by it are two different things.  Many times I know it is Lewy causing me my issues, but I still get extremely angry.

Another issue is web sites changing their look.  For instance, the web tool I use to produce this blog.  Some "Geek" somewhere, thinks changing the look of things is good.  Why is changing what works, good?   CHange drives me up the wall!!   Don't change things, leave them alone!!

What do I do, nothing.  I try to hide my anger, but that only causes more issues.  So, I will just continue to cling to things as they are.  At least until I no longer remember how things were.

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