Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Just where am I?

During this move, some interesting things have manifested themselves.  The other night at my Son's house, the three dogs were out.  I noticed my Son's small dog trying to play with a black cat who was NOT interested in friendly play.  I am sure Wolfy thought the black cat was his playmate, Choco, who is an indoor cat.  It was not and Wolfy was about to get his but kicked!  Then, my dog, Marcel, a miniature poodle, came over to join the fun.  So, I came out to rescue the dogs from an embarrasing outcome.  I picked up Marcel, and called Wolfy to follow me into the screened in patio.  Along the way, I also herded my Son's English Bull Dog.  There I was, in the screened in porch, Wolfy and Lulu safely in, and I was frantically calling for Marcel.  He was no where to be found.  He did not reply to my calls and I was worried, even frantic!  Then, I realized, he was in my arms!!  I honestly did not know I had him.    I can only deduce from this event that my grip on situational reality may have taken a hit in the move.  It is only one event, but I have been obsessed with the location of the dog ever since.

Another issue is that my hallucinations have increased and I am now seeing people more often.  Again, we will see where that leads.  More later.

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