Saturday, November 19, 2011


As most of you know, we have moved to Florida and we are in the throws of settling into a new home.  As you know, this required shelf lining, hanging pictures, towel bars, coat hooks, even putting together some of that "Easy to Assemble", "Even a Five Year Old can do it" furniture.  All of that has gone surprisingly well.  Yes, because my brain has problems controlling my autonomic functions, I SWEAT at drop of a hat.  As a matter of fact, putting on my hat causes me to perspire profusely.  I also get tired very easily.  So, what used to take me a day to do, takes a week.  However, my wife has been very understanding and very supportive of me.  She has kept my pace to one I can handle, and I really appreciate that.

However, last evening, I ran into a problem that cascaded to the point of frustration and tears.  We had purchased a shelving unit for the office, and after the "easy" assembly, I was placing the computer router, my APPLE remote access computer transmitter, into the shelves.  To o this, I had to disconnect both units to route the wires through the back of the shelving unit.  This is where I got in trouble.  It would not have been hard, a few years ago, but since I have NO short term memory, I could not get the APPLE unit wired correctly. I was frustrated because there were two wires that have oblivious places and the third wire had four places to go.  Try as I might, I could not remember where that wire went and I tried every combination.  Finally, after accidentally creating my own WEB unit, I gave up and called my son who lives very close.  He graciously came over, with his wife, and fixed my mistake.  For him, it was a five minute job.  For me, it was a mountain too high.  I am very thankful that we live close.  But, if I had not moved, the computer would have been fine!  Probably not. I had my eye on these shelves for a while.

P.S.  Writing this blog post, I am sweating profusely, to the point of having to wipe my brow, and it is 71 in the house!  This is a strange disease.

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