Friday, October 28, 2011

We are now Floridians.

We are a day away from getting our furniture, but we now own a home, again, and we have Florida Driver's Licenses and our car has a Florida tag on it.  So, we are officially Floridians. The home closing was a bit difficult, drawn out, and frustrating.  We were supposed to close at 3PM and did not sign the papers until 6:30 PM.  But, it is done.

This move has been harder than I thought on me.  Yes, I wrote about the expected issues before, but I am really having issues with energy levels and attention span.  I am good for about two hours and then I fade into a fog.  I cannot pay attention to any details, have problems staying on track with a conversation, and have problems formulating sentences.  I guess this was all to be expected, but I am still somewhat unnerved by it.   I hope these declines in my mental ability reverse after we get completely settled, but that may only be wishful thinking.

Our furniture gets delivered Sunday.  The driver called today and asked to make the delivery Sunday instead of Monday because he has an issue at home.  Who am I to say no.  Our refrigerator does not come until Wednesday, but that will have to do.

Every step in this process has been painful to me.  But I still think it will be a good move, after the dust settles.

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