Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The NEW mortgage rules!

One of the BIGGEST stressors for me and my wife is the new mortgage rules.  I did not provide this much information to get a Top Secret Clearance to work in Nuclear Weapons!!  They want every financial statement, every five minutes.  The loan officer just explained to me it is because of the issues with the "Sub Prime" mortgages.  He said we were fine, but we have to meet the requirements for no loads!  Today, we were required to prove we had the money in the bank to cover a "Certified Cashier's Check" that is already cut and sitting in my brief case!!  Now that is stupid!   But what is even worse, is that things like this drive me to the point where I can no longer function.  I really feel that we should have paid cash!

I have really lost my ability to objectively look at anything at this moment.  I believe I will go to sleep.  The moral of the story;  If you are a great credit risk, you will be treated like a no load.  Why work your entire life, following the rules of the society, if there is no benefit.  I could have been a "No Load" and be treated the same way,  This country is falling apart with this treat everyone the same stuff!!  I will sleep now.

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