Friday, October 21, 2011

Move stuff.

Well, today is the day.  The movers come this morning to pack our belongings.  In other moves, my wife and I did this.  I remember her carefully wrapping and re-wrapping our china.  That was always the first thing she did.  But, this time we are trusting the "Professionals".  How am I doing?  As good as I can be expected to be doing.  I have a "Fight or Flight" feeling right now.  I am very apprehensive of what is going on and I have a need to talk to people.   I will be very glad when this is over.

I went to my neurologist's appointment a day or so ago.  My long time neurologist has a new member in the practice and she wanted me to see her.  I must say, she was very good.  She had extensive knowledge about LBD and she explained things about my disease that I had nerve been told.  She also "Confronted" me about facing the reality of my future.  She aggressively encouraged me to seek counseling to help me face the future and also my present state!  Again, she was very direct yet very concerned.  I liked her approach and I am sorry that I will not be able to continue with her.  She recommended I seek treatment from the University of Alabama.  Her statement was any neurologist can "Baby sit" me, but to get the proper testing and up to date information I needed the University setting at least once a year.  I am sure my wife will take that advice and act on it.

Another "close out" for the move comes Sunday.  I believe I have told you that I am an Ordained Pastor at my local Church.  Positionally, I am the junior Associate Pastor.  But it was an unbelievable honor to have the members of my Fellowship vote to Ordain me.  This Sunday is our last time worshipping with these wonderful people.  The Senior Pastor has given me the honor of speaking this Sunday.  I have preached a number of times in this Church, but this one will be difficult.  I have my sermon done, and I am ready.  But I do not think I am ready for the emotions I will experience.

In any case, the move progresses, with or without me.  I am trying to stay engaged.   But I must admit, I would be much more comfortable in my bed with the covers pulled up!

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