Wednesday, October 26, 2011

More move experiences.

We got here Tuesday evening and have been busy since then. We are lucky that we can stay with our Son and his family.  Today, Wednesday, we traveled the area getting all the services set up for the new house.  Nothing is in the same location, but all the people were friendly and helpful.  Water, sewer, trash, insurance, check for closing, we have been everywhere.  One thing was reinforced, I have a limit of things and time that I can be mentally and physically able.  And that time limit is decreasing.  About three hours is it!  After that, I begin to fade and get grouchy!

Another problem that continues to plague me is my need to know where everything is.  Since all of our possessions are in a moving van, somewhere on the east coast, and not scheduled to arrive until Monday, I am in a constant worry about where my stuff is.  I don't even have my own coffee cup!!

Yet, all in all, this is going fairly well.  I am overwhelmed, but I seem to be able to deal with things fairly well.  I will keep you informed as things continue.

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