Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Issues to expect from the move to Florida.

I had an appointment with my Primary Care Physician yesterday.  He is a great Doctor and friend.  He was very aggressive in finding my disease and has followed up on every turn of this prognosis.  I told him of our planned move and he was shocked, to say the least!  He offered some insight into what I should expect as far as my LBD is concerned.  He told me to expect a down turn in my disease.  In other words, I should expect to get worse.  My memory will suffer, and I assume other mental issues will decline.  He did not say if that decline would be permanent but I believe he meant it would.  How much of a decline is yet to be seen.  He was also very adamant me not doing yard work.  That was one big reason we sold the last house.  I have lost so much muscle strength and mass that I get exhausted and over heated doing the simplest physical labor.  I could ride a lawn mower, that is no work, but I even sweat and get tired doing that at the church.  My son has assured me that he would take care of the yard work.  I am sure he will.

The preparations to the move seem to overwhelm me also.  Taken in small bites, I do well, but I notice, and my wife does too, that I quickly tire and loose my ability to cope with people, noise, and being away from home.  So, we are doing things in small doses and managing my time as well as we can.  Of course, you can't manage the people who you come in contact with.  Some are very good and some,  not so good!  We went to Best Buy yesterday to purchase a refrigerator, washer, and dryer for the new house.  The associate we worked with was very good!  He was knowledgeable, efficient, and caring.  He made fast work of our order and I was impressed.  

So, all in all, we are handling the move pretty well.  I am excited about the new home and the prospects of being with my son and his family.  I am concerned as to how this will effect me, but life effects me anyway.  So, we will see what we see.

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