Monday, October 17, 2011

I am not as young as I used to be!!

OK, I admit it, LBD and age are really doing me in!  We are having professional movers do this move but, we are packing most of the art work and some things that are precious to us. Just doing that, really HALF of that today, has really worn me out!  Used to be, I could work all day, party all night, and repeat that sequence for a week!  I was a hard worker, strong, resilient, worked and played hurt.  Now, I just cannot keep up.  There was a comedian, from the early days of Red Foxx, her stage name was "Moms Mably".  She made it on the nightly talk shows.  She was mainly known for "Blue" humor.  But, one night on the Merv Griffin show, she said; " My get up and go, got up and left!!"  I now know what she meant!

My energy level is very low, no matter how much sleep I get or what I eat.  I realize this is a symptom of LBD, but I thought it would manifest itself later.  Guess what, later is now!!  No big deal, I just have to pace myself.  Pack a box, nap for an hour, pack another box, another hour's nap.  Sounds like a good theory to me.

Tomorrow, I have my last appointment with my neurologist's office.  That should be interesting.  I will let you know how that goes.  Now, it's nap time!

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