Sunday, October 16, 2011

The hardest parts of leaving!

If you read my post of a few days ago, I told you about my Doctor's view that my symptoms will get because of the move.  He did tell me he thought the move would be good for Linda and me, but he cautioned me to expect a worsening of my symptoms.  I can tell you that I am already seeing issues.  What causes this degradation?  Stress, change, the unknown, the loss of my known safe environment, and the general uprooting that a major move causes.  On my other blog; "The Master Chief's Lair" I wrote about my emotions over leaving my long time best friend and his wife and family.  Leaving my Church family is almost as tramatic form Linda and me.  Tonight, we had a communion service together.  Since this will be our last communion with our Church family, it was bitter sweet to ssay the least.  We have grown greatly in out faith and Bible knowledge under the teaching of ouf our senior Pastor.  He is a gifted teacher and an accomlished Bible scholar.  But there are others in our Church family that have equally help us to grow.  This fellowship is truly a family.  We are one, regardless of good times or bad.  We work together, pray together, bear each others problems, and love each other.  We all know that, no matter what, we can call on our Church family for real help! Not just a cursery: "I will pray for you", but real work.  I remember when I was putting a roof on our home.   missed Church on Sunday because I had so much to do and I hurt so much from the labor of re-roofing a house.  Instead of giving me a hard time for missing Church, the majority of the Church members came to my house after Church and helped me clean up by picking up the old shingles on the groung, raking the yard and sweeping the drive way to ensure there were no stray nails to hurt someone or flatten a tire.  I can give you ten other examples of this fellowship's love in action, but you get the idea!

I will miss this Christian family.  I am not sure if there is another one in the world like them.  I will miss them and there will always be a part of my heart missing because of this move.

You cannot live somewhere for 28 years and not feel the loss when you move away.  Yet, this move will be positive.  Having my son and family close will help Linda and me.  We have been away from them way too long.  I need this family connection now, more than ever.  So, broken heart and all, it's off to Florida we go.    

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