Monday, September 5, 2011

Overwhelmed by the simpleist things

I had a very good day today.  I got some things done or well on their way to completion and I was feeling accomplished and more on top of things than I have in a few weeks.  Tonight, after dinner, I was relaxing in the living room and the telephone began to ring.  First a robo call from my Neurologist's office reminding me of an appointment.  Then a call from a friend.  By then, I was overwhelmed, angry, and overwhelmed.   It's not their fault, calling someone at 6 PM is normal, and acceptable.  It is me, or more precisely, the Lewy Body Dementia, that causes this reaction. 

My wife has noticed a more rapid progression in my memory loss and my lack of ability to deal with people and issues.  I get tired easily and she monitors my activities carefully.  However, I was doing so well today.  But, I should have expected this.  I have written before how a good day is always followed by negative issues.    Just the same, it was a good day, until this evening, so I should cling to that.

Another issue that is causing me emotional stress is my neighbors.  I have always had issues with the people who live above me.  It seems that had a football team that practices in their apartment everyday.  They stomp around, run the vacuum, and move furniture from 5:30 AM until 11 PM.  Now I have new neighbors below me and they like to argue, play their television loud and make the building shake by dropping heavy things!  I am surrounded by inconsiderate morons!  This is supposed to be a quiet, over 55, apartment complex.  Instead, there are more adult children moving in with their parents because they cannot provide for themselves.  Some even bring small children.   I might as well get an apartment in an amusement park.  It would be quieter!

OK, I am venting.  But the facts remain the facts and I am experiencing emotional issues because of all of this.  Maybe I need calmer quarters!  Maybe they need to be more respectful.  We will see.   It used to be that only BIG things bothered me.  Now, I am overwhelmed by the small things.  Lewy Body Dementia is working it's old magic I think!

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