Sunday, August 7, 2011

Thanks for the comments.

I really want to thank each of you who read this blog and specially to those who send me replies.  I began this blog looking for a connection to those who are traveling down the same road as I or are a care taker of a person on this road.  I deeply appreciate your experience and encouragement.  It is good to know others are on the same road as I am, even though I may not see them all the time.  You are probably old enough to remember the Citizen's Band Radio (CB) craze of long ago.  I remember we used to drive down the highway, looking for someone a long distance ahead of us to give is the road conditions and a "Smokey Report".  That's what this blog is, people looking down the road, looking for information that will make their trip easier, more comfortable, or maybe, just to share our experiences with. 

Almost anyone has had a tooth filled, a broken arm, or their appendix taken out, so we can always find someone with those conditions to commiserate with.  But Dementia of any kind is still not that common and finding someone to compare notes with is difficult.  But through this medium, and others like it, we can share and learn about our journey.

Again, THANKS for your comments and concerns.  You are all in my prayers nightly.  Keep your sense of humor and keep the faith.


  1. Together we can get through anything... even this tough road we are traveling.

    You too are in my thoughts and prayers with the hope of more good days.

  2. "I began this blog looking for a connection to those who are traveling down the same road" is the same reason I blog. There are far too few of us with dementia who are blogging. Thus I was very happy to find your blog.