Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New issues, and I need your inputs.

OK, I need the experience of those of you who are care givers or patients with Lewy Body Dementia.  In the last two days, I have developed a severe cramping in the back my left leg, behind the knee.  It is scary, sharp, immediate, pain that subsided after a few minutes.  It happens standing or sitting.  There appears to be no rhyme or reason to it.  The one thing I can add is that Sunday, three days ago, I missed all of my meds.  I just got mixed up.  I was fully back on schedule on Monday.  Anyone who has this issue, please let me know.  I am interested if it is associated with the Parkinson's side of LBD or another issue.  Pains don't usually scare me but this one, coupled with the LBD progression has me worried.

On a separate note, I have told you that my symptoms seem to be increasing in severity.  This pain has me thinking that the next chapter of LBD may not be as easy as the first.  In any case, you inputs would be appreciated.


  1. Hello Silverfox... yes, I think it's from Parkinson's. The physical therapist at the home where my mom is now living told me that if my mom (or anyone with LBD) sits too much, the muscles in the legs will get tight. In an effort to avoid the discomfort, I walk every day with my mom and it seems to help her. Tonic water with Quinine was helpful for her when she had leg cramps.

  2. Hubby too has leg cramps but has always had them so it's difficult to know what would be new for LBD.

    His legs are getting weaker also due to lack of exercise and walking.

    Please have your wife or you consult your physician about these issues though. He may be able to prescribe you PT or home exercises to help with this.

    The possibility of a meds withdrawal is also a possibility, but I'm not a Dr so I can't say.

    Please keep us posted