Friday, July 8, 2011

Lewy Body Dementia diagnosis issues

OK, I am calmed down now and I do have some information from today's doctor's appointment that I wanted to discuss.  As you may remember, my Neurologist sent me to a Psychiatrist to address my hallucination issues and to further solidify the LBD diagnosis.  Why she wants to keep looking at the diagnosis, time and time again, is beyond me.  If you look at any of the information on LBD, I fit the mold exactly.  But, she wanted one more input, so I went.  The Psychiatrist tried me on a drug that was of the family that caused me anger issues before.  That problem is consistent with LBD, and this time, I actually had more issues with the drug than before.
So, it  is a lead pipe cinch that I have LBD and no one can deny that.  Today's uncontrolled fit if rage is also a sign that this disease is progressing.

So, what's next?  I know why my Neurologist, who I really do like and respect, has been so reticent to diagnose.  Why, because it has a definite life expectancy.  The average is 2-7 years with the outside edge of 20 years.  I probably have had this disease for 2-3 years so we are passed the 2 year limit.  And the health of the patient is s big determination on the life expectancy.  But, this definite diagnosis is exactly what I wanted.  To know what I actually have and to know what the prognosis is gives me closure.  Some folks may not like this definite diagnosis, but I do.  Tell me what I have, how we deal with it, and how long I have.

So, now we have it.  I hope my Neurologist is happy because I am done with looking under rocks for the phantom diagnosis.  We have Lewy Body Dementia, there is a time limit, and we will deal with that.  I am in relatively good shape still, and I have a good attitude, so those factors are in my favor.  I will deal with the challenges as they happen and not borrow worries from the future.  This will take as long as it takes, and I am OK with that.  I feel at rest and confident in this diagnosis.

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