Monday, June 20, 2011

Some old friends don't want me around.

One of my pleasures in life is finding old friends and shipmates.  But I have found out that Some folks don't want to be found and others don't want to be associated with someone with a terminal disease.  Trust me, it's not contagious!  I have tried to figure out the motivation behind those people who were once my friends, not wanting to rekindle our friendship.  One reason I can come up with is that I was a drunk in the old days.  I drank for pleasure and I drank until I was drunk.  Some folks may have found that a problem, but most of us did it.  I, however, have stopped being a drunk for over 12 years!  I have completely changed and I am much happier.  Another reason I can come up with is that I represent something in their past that they don't want to relive.  I would not want to cause anyone problems.  The third reason I came up with is some folks may have something to hide.  But that one is pure speculation.

I am looking for the pleasure of getting reacquainted with old friends.  Catching up on their lives, Seeing how their children grew up.  I have connected with a number of old friends and have had a good time reminiscing.  I hope others will allow me the same opportunities with them.

I will admit that I gain much more pleasures from the past than I do in the present.  My dreams, my day dreams, my ego, the things that make me smile are based in my past.  That connection will only grow deeper as my Lewy Body Dementia progresses.  I know this, and others should too.

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  1. I have found so many old friends on Facebook. But the bad thing is I really don't remember half them. Good thing for school yearbooks. I hope you find and connect with all your true friends and maybe some new ones.