Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The past is important to me.

I write a blog about my Navy days that is very important to me and a source of therapy for me.  But tonight at a meeting at Church, I realized just how much I wanted my past to live on.  I had a wonderful career with the U.S.Navy.  The Navy took me from a juvenile delinquent to a leader of men and that transformation and the experiences I had are the sum total of me.  I was discussing some of my Navy experiences and I commented on my son's desire to know more about my past and the opposite desires of my grand sons.  But someday, when I cannot relate my experiences, they will want to know and I want those experiences there for them.  Also, I still have knowledge about leadership and Navy tradition to give back to today's sailors.  But, most of all, it makes me feel alive, valuable!

I watched my Father-in-law suffer the terrible effects of Alzheimer's.  I watched as he retreated into his Army days, a time he was very comfortable with.  I believe I am also experiencing that regression.  I am happier, more comfortable, and more engaged when I am talking about my Navy days.  My dreams are mostly about my Navy days and my thoughts through the day regress to my Navy days.

I am not complaining, just reporting something I am noticing.        I have approached my LBD with a "Trouble Shooters" perspective.  I look at changes in my progress as "Interesting".  So, this slow but noticeable change is indeed interesting to me.

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