Monday, June 27, 2011

No more travel!!

Let me tell you a true story.  Last month, my wife and I decided to take a big car trip.  We used the computer and mapped out a route through several states, to see recently found relatives in two states and an old Navy shipmate.  I made a hotel reservation at the Holiday Inn Express, Grand Island, Nebraska using Expedia.  Then, the next day, after sleeping on the idea, we decided 3 weeks on the road would be too taxing for me, for obvious reasons.  So, we tried to cancel the reservations through Expedia.  They said NO, because it was an nonrefundable reservation!!  I called the Holiday Inn Express and they said the same thing, only in a much more disrespectful tone.  I have called Expedia three times, talked to some reasonably nice people at their call center in Manila, PI with nothing more than an "I'm sorry".  This is a $134.00 lesson in don't use Expedia.  Even my credit card company told me to suck eggs!  But wait it gets better.

We decided that we still wanted to see this one, newly discovered, 96 year old cousin, on my wife's side, in a deep southern state that floods every time someone spills  glass of water.  So, we made air reservations, but this time, I decided to go straight to through airline, Delta.  I used their site and it did tell me it was an nonrefundable ticket, so I bought the trip insurance, another $66.00 per ticket.  Then the Cousin got sick, supposedly with walking pneumonia.  She wanted us to delay our trip to August.  No problem, I have trip insurance.  Ney, Ney!  It does not cover sick cousins!!!  So, I had to pay $150 per ticket to change the reservations!!  I am betting the trip gets canceled in August so I can write off the other $1500 in airplane tickets and make it a trifecta!!

I really don't want to travel anymore.  It is just too taxing on me.  Yes, I like to go see my Son and his family, and I like to go to Cleveland and see my family there, but those are known destinations with known beds to sleep in.  But travel to strange places on airplanes, sleeping in hotels, is no longer a good idea for me.  Not to mention that there are companies out there ready to rip you off every time you give them a chance.

Do I want you to boycott Expedia and Delta, that's up to you. But I will never do business with either company again.  I explained my medical issues to both companies, was completely honest, and they took my money.  OK, they win.  But I learned a lesson.  I just wish it did not cost me $2000!!

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