Saturday, June 25, 2011

New issues

After my second visit to the psychiatrist, I had a new pill to take.  It is of the same family as the one I took a while ago that caused me to be so mean that I actually got is an argument with my Pastor.  That reaction was the deciding factor in my diagnosis of Lewy Body Dementia (LBD).  The Doctor said he was confident this medicine would not cause that negative effect.  Wrong!!  I am as grumpy as a rattlesnake on a hot day!!

Second issue, I cannot sleep, day or night!  My legs hurt, my back and shoulders hurt, and there is no place on the bed that I am comfortable.  When I do get to sleep, my dreams wake me up.  Last night, I woke myself up after less than an hours sleep, violently tossing and turning.  I actually flop over so hard it shakes the bed.  I truly don't know why.

My Church had it's annual yard sale today.  I usually stand by the road and flag customers in, by acting silly!  Hey, it works so you can't argue with success.  This year, I was so unstable on my feet that my wife made me quit my efforts.  She was afraid I would fall into the street!  She was probably correct.

I have also noticed my memory and my alertness have taken a turn for the worse.  So, with the increased instability, the increased muscle pain, and the decrease in alertness and memory function, it is apparent that I have taken the next step in the progression of my LBD.  I see the change and so does my wife and others around me.  I know it bothers my bride and my friends, but I am still ambivalent about it.  I just don't worry about this disease.  It will be what ever it is and I can't change that.

I will keep you informed.

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