Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Where did I put that?

I have read all of the symptoms of Lewy Body Dementia.  WEB MD does a great job describing my disease and it's problems.  My neurologist is not forthcoming with future problems.  She prefers for me to "Discover" them on my own.  That's like a girl going into puberty without thorough, loving, training from her mother!  How do I know that?  Just trust me on this one.  In any case, I have mis-placed things before.  We all have.  I usually find them.  You know where they are, they are in the "last place you look".  That makes sense, why would you keep looking after you found the item that was lost!  But this time was different.  Let me explain.

I attend a Bible study every Monday night.  I have to be there at 6:00 PM to get my room set up.  Last Monday, as I was getting ready to leave, I could not find the garage door opener remote control.  This is a big issue, because, without it, I cannot open the garage door!  Remember, I live in an "over 55" apartment complex.  The garage is not connected to my home.  The door does not have keys, and the only way to open it is with the remote control.  Looking at that, maybe the management needs to look for an alternative.  I can't be the only person in this complex with memory issues!  Can I?  In any case, I had not used the remote control since we returned from Church on Sunday afternoon.  I do have a "place" where I always store the remote control, so I know where it is.  I have this system for everything.  My routine is very important to me.  But, this time, the remote control was not in it's appointed place.  My wife and I search all over the apartment.  In coat pockets, pants pockets, on the floor of my closet,  in the mail box, on the ground between the apartment and the garage, everywhere we could think of.  No remote control for the garage door opener.  Thankfully, my nephew was visiting and he offered me his rental car.  Yes, I still drive!  And well, I might add.  I made it to Bible study on time, but flustered.  The evening was "off" because of this disruption.  While I was gone, my wife and my nephew again searched the apartment.  Still, no remote control.  Upon my return, I looked again  in places I knew I was the day before, or really, places I thought I might have been since I really don't remember what I do from day to day.  After all this searching, being very overwhelmed with the loss of this device, I resigned myself to the fact that I would have to purchase a new one and have the management program it.  A few hours later, my wife asked me to get an extension cord out of the linen closet.  In my search for the extension cord, which we store in a plastic storage box in the bottom of the linen closet, along with the light bulbs, I discovered the remote control, in an open light bulb box!  I do not remember being in that box on Sunday or Monday.  I did not change any light bulbs that I, nor my wife, remember.  But, just the same, there it was.  I was relieved and frightened at the same time.  You see, this heralds the progression of my disease to a more troublesome level.  Yes, it was the first time, that I remember, putting something in a place it clearly does not belong.  But just the same, that is exactly what I did.

I have had a couple of days to forget what happened, and I am no longer upset over this event.  But, I am wary and I realize this will not be the last time.  However, I bet my wife looks in that plastic container the next time I mis-place something!

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