Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sometimes, you just have to stand up for yourself!

My last Neurologist visit was less than satisfactory.  She seemed uninterested in my case, disconnected, and pre-occupied.  Sine I am suffering from a degenerative neurological disease, I am suspicious, even when there is no reason to be.  So, I was unhappy with the visit and I may have over reacted.  I was ready to stop all medications, and give up.  Then I was ready to find another doctor.  Then I was just going to quit.  My wife, being of a more calm nature, convinced me to get another appointment with my Neurologist and lay my cards on the table.  Today was the day. 

We had an 8:15 AM appointment, and were there early.  We had our ducks in a row and were ready to discuss all of our concerns.  When the doctor came into the room, I could see that she was herself again.  But, with my wife taking the lead, because I no longer can take confrontation, we calmly and slowly presented our complaints.  She saw value in some of our issues and seemed shocked by some others.  She apologized for the misunderstanding and we let her know that we really trusted her and needed her help.  Then, we all came to an agreement on my diagnosis.  Now, I have a foe to fight and I have a name for that enemy.  Just as the 14 year old at UVA said, and I agreed with from my own research on WEBMD and other sights, I have Lewy Body Dementia.

My neurologist also wants the assistance of a Psychiatrist, to pin down my issues with hallucinations and violent dreams.  I can agree with that request and will soon see that professional.  I feel better knowing that we are all on the same track.  Some people may not want a solid diagnosis.  Some people may never want to know what they are facing.  The trouble shooter in me makes me want to know what the diagnosis is and what we can do to fight it!  That's me and now she know that.  We really did need to stand up and clear the air today.  It worked and I am glad that we did. 

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