Tuesday, April 26, 2011

External memory drives.

I was at a very large Bible study that I participate in on Monday nights.  It is a good venue because of the regimentation and organization.  The program runs EXACTLY the same, week in and week out.  That's good for me.  I have a number of good friends in this study and I like to see them.  Again, referring back to yesterdays post, the time is short, so I don't get too tired, and the routine is there, so it helps me feel secure.  During a discussion I realized that I was using "External Memory Drives" to help me recall dates and events that were fuzzy in my memory.  I know, you are asking yourself, what External Memory Drives?  I think it is interesting, but I use people that I know as "External Memory Drives".  When I loose a date, or a reference point relating to my life, my career, my disease, I ask the other person when that date was or how that event happened.  Many times, I will remember the general topic of what I am trying to say, but lack the specifics.  My friends,  are comfortable with helping me tell the story or relate the facts.  It is a little cumbersome, since, just like a computer, I have to access the Memory Drive first, but I seem to be able to access the required information most of the time.  Of course, those around who don't understand my memory loss and don't know my contact history with the person I am using as a Memory Drive, think this is odd and give me some very funny expressions.  But, that does not bother me. 

I really appreciate all of you who have stored my memories for me and are so willing to recall them at a minutes notice.  You make my life much easier. 

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