Friday, March 18, 2011


One of the attitudes that I notice in individuals experiencing my medical difficulties or other medical maladies is the attitude of VICTIMIZATION. Many of these individuals seem to feel that they are victims of their disease. As if "IT" sought them out personally, to ruin their lives and make them miserable. I have also noticed that many of these individuals have been victims of someone else's mistreatment, meanness, prejudice, and wrath their entire lives. They seem to be professional, life long victims. I have heard 60+ year old people whine about how their parents mistreated them, how employers discriminated against them because of a previous medical or personality disorder, and how the world of successful people had conspired to make them miserable throughout their lives.

Frankly, I have had enough of this self-pity and encourage all of these folks to GROW UP and get over it! None of our parents were perfect. There is no "Owner's Manual" for raising children. They did the best they could, and if they were not "Ozzie and Harriett", tough, neither were mine. Second, I believe we make our own "Lot" in life. Maybe you were born into a "poor" situation, that was 40, 50, 60+ years ago. What did you do to improve your life? Forget about the past, it is exactly that, PAST. Third, you disease did not seek you out. It just happened. Maybe because of genetics, environment, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or bad luck. But, YOU make your own environment. Deal with your medical issues as best you can and look for the bright spots. Just because we have a medical condition does not mean we cannot have an enjoyable, full life. But, acting like a victim and believing that you are WILL insure that you are miserable and in turn, will make everyone miserable around you. I know many individuals that live in my complex that have life much worse than I do, and they are happy, vibrant, individuals with a zest for life!

For just once, in your life, try to look at the bright side! Quit blaming someone else and take charge of your own life's circumstances. When you are so glum and negative, you make everyone else unhappy as well as yourselves. Did you ever wonder why no one comes to visit you or wants to be around you? It's you self pity and your victimization attitude. Get over it, for you sake and mine!

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