Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New medical choices

I have written a few time about my frustrations with my Neurologist and the 13 year old neurologist at UVA. My last appointment with my neurologist frustrated me to the point, that I have finally decided to change neurologists. Remember, if you will, that I really like my GP. He is pro-active, caring, and can communicate! He is a real find and I have been with him for 15 years. In any case, I have been looking for a new doctor to treat my Lewy Body Dementia and I think I have found the perfect one! His prices are acceptable to my insurance company, he has very good office hours and makes house calls! I can tell he thinks more about his patients than himself because of his attire and modes of transportation. He is a happily married man, a parent, and a teacher on the side. He shares interests with me, outdoor sports, re-enacting, fire arms, knives, horse back riding, and archery. He is all American and can trace his family roots back to the beginning of this continent. Yes, I believe I have found the perfect doctor to help me deal with my LBD.

Oh, you want his name, and where he studied medicine. The second does not seem to be too important to success since the last two neurologists I saw had degrees from the Ivy League medical schools and had the caring attitude of a female Preying Mantis. Just the same, His name is Chief Falling Rain. He was educated by his father who was also a medicine man in the Lakota tribe of the Sioux Nation. As a matter of fact, most of his descendants have been in the medical field. So he has a wealth of experience at his disposal. He is caring, does not tell me I am faking my illness, and offers constructive ways to deal with my issues. Yesterday I spent eight hours in a sweat lodge to cleanse my body and spirit. I am loosing weight, my acne has cleared up, and I thing my bald spot is starting to fill in! Yes, I think this is going to work!

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  1. Yay! How awesome that you found a REAL doctor to help you with your LBD. He will surely help you to have more good days.

    I've had similar experiences with traditional doctors; they just don't get LBD and want to drug my mom (of course I won't allow it.)

    We see a Naturopath Doctor... sounds like Chief Falling Rain is a keeper like our Dr. Barton.

    I'm excited for you... please keep us posted.