Sunday, January 30, 2011

Good things, Too!

I have been very open in describing how I am doing and what I am going through in my postings on this blog. I find it therapeutic for me, and I hope informative for the readers to be honest and open. There is also the issue of my fading memory. If I don't tell the truth, I will not know what I told to whom!! Remember when you were young and you might have told a "little" lie to one person, and another "stretched" story to another, and they got together and compared stories? Bad scene, right? So, the truth is the only way to go. In any case, if I tell you what is wrong, I should also tell you what is going well. So, there has been some positive development in the area of my sleep at night. I have posted in the past that nights were difficult for me,and that was and is still true, but, recently nights have been a little easier to manage. Linda and I have discovered that we stay up until very late, say 1 AM or later, I can sleep until 5:30 or so. What we are doing is staying up until I am dead tired and then going to bed instead of going to bed when I am merely sleepy and waking up with a dream. I am still dreaming, and some are violent, but I seem to be able to manage them better, or at least I am so tired that I can and do go back to sleep. Another issue is, we have all but stopped taking afternoon naps. I miss my nap, but I will give it up for a quiet night's sleep for both of us. I also seem to be more rested in the morning. So, this is a good development and a welcomed one.
On a negative note, I am finding that I am more uncomfortable in familiar settings than before. Today in church, I became uncomfortable and disoriented in the opening moments of the service. I grabbed my wife's hand and the feelings subsided after a few moments. That goes along with how I felt when we were out to lunch last week with Linda's co-workers. But that was an unknown location and we have been going to this church and I have been an active member for 7 years. So, I just chalk this up to what's happening with me. As long as Linda is with me, I am fine. That's reassuring to me. This week we will celebrate our 38 th wedding anniversary! She has been a real help to me for a long time. She is my partner and co-laborer in good times and difficult times. We have found a way to enjoy life through all circumstances. I thank GOD everyday for Linda's love and caring.
So, all in all, I am doing as good as I can. I do appreciate all of you who help me and pray for me. Thanks for being there.

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