Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The month of August

We have really been on the go this month. First, the grand children were in town for Surf Camp and their annual trip to Triple "R" Camp. This is a great Christian camp, 6 days and nights of fun activities and spiritual enrichment. Both boys love Triple "R" and always ask to go back! After that three weeks, we headed up to Canandaigua, for our traditional week of camping on the lake. We rent a cabin and spend the week enjoying the peaceful surrounding. This year, we did something different. Linda decided it would be better for me to stay at our kid's house at night. It would be more familiar surroundings, and I could have my trust dog, Marcel, with me. So, the first night, as it began to get dark, I went back to the house, alone! I quickly found out that was not going to work. I was completely disoriented in the house and when I turned the lights out, to go to sleep, I was terrified. So, the first night, I spent up, watching TV, with Marcel. I finally went to bed at 5AM, with the lights on. The other nights, Linda went back to the house with me. That worked much better.

After, 6 days at Canandaigua, we headed to Cleveland Ohio, to see my family. It was a wonderful reunion and we truly enjoyed seeing everyone. My sister and Brother are both getting on in years but they still are doing very well. I got to see my Brother's, Son's, new twins! They are 15 months old and precious. After 3 days in Cleveland, we headed home, through some of the worst traffic I have seen. We arrived home late Monday night, exhausted. Tuesday was a blur and we are just now beginning to unpack.

The things we learned from this trip are; I do not do well, being away from home and my routine for a long period of time. Ten days is too ling for me to be away from home. This will direct our future travel plans. I spent a good portion of last night awake, because of dreams. That was a problem that had began to dissipate somewhat, but it seems to be back in full force now. Another thing I learned, or at least was reinforced, was while I have little or no desire to do much of anything, I will go along with the group, and enjoy myself. When we went out to eat, Linda did my ordering. I just could not settle on what I wanted. But then, decision making has been a problem for a while, and it seems to be getting worse. I also discovered that crowds make it difficult for me to participate in the conversation. One on One, I do fine, add the background noise and I get confused and shutdown.

Again, it was a great trip, and we learned a lot about where I am. Next year's trip will have to be shorter, and less busy. But that is normal for the progression of dementia. Just the same, I am glad to be home.

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  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip in spite of some challenges, Don, and that you had some quality time with your family members.
    In a restaurant I always order for Lou now, he has difficulty making a decision also. And, in his case, there are only certain foods he can eat due to his swallowing difficulties.
    Crowds also make if hard for him to participate in conversation. The reason is the words go back and forth too fast for you both - it takes longer for your brain to register what is being said. By the time you think of something to answer, the group has gone on to another topic!