Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Effects of being BUSY!

As I wrote recently, it has been a BUSY summer. Busier than I can ever remember. Well, busier than I can remember now! I just completed our church's first Senior's Health and Safety day. We brought in a number of senior health and welfare specialists to inform the community of the many services, many of them free or at a very reasonable cost, that are available in the Virginia Beach area. This city is full of honest good deals for seniors! I had plenty of help pulling this event together from many quarters. Early in the planning, our long time, very close friend, Marcia Hart, told us about the City of Virginia Beach Senior Services Coordinator, a wonderful lady named Nancy Allen. She is a treasure trove of information about senior services. Not only that, but she is the administrator of a great Senior's Respite Care Program. This can be a life saver to a care taker. Imaging, being able to leave your husband or wife, in loving caring hands, to go out and have a social outing, go to the doctor, or shop, in peace. How much does this cost, depending on what the family income is, as little as $3/ hour and at the most, $8/hour. Now that is reasonable.
In any case, I was busy, maybe even overwhelmed. At about 10 Am, I was having real problems forming sentences and I really wanted to just leave, go home, and hide! But, "Spot Light" syndrome kept me functioning, to a point. However, after the event, was a different issue. We returned home at about 2 PM. We immediately went to bed and slept, rested, tossed and turned, until about 4:30 PM. We both got up, at a small dinner, and went back to bed until 8:30 PM. We then got up and tried to reconstruct the day, going back to bed at 11:30PM and sleeping until this morning.
Today, I had great difficulty with my situational awareness. I just could not keep track of what time it was or what I was doing. I tried to accomplish some chores around the apartment while my wife went to her Bible study, but I was truly startled and shocked when she walked into the apartment at 11:30AM. I was sure it was earlier than 10 AM! I was truly lost in time. This is not a totally new issue, but today it seemed more deep, more disturbing. It actually consumed me for a while.
We went out this afternoon to run some errands, and I even gave up the driving duties to my wife, because I did not feel "Safe" driving the car. Now that is a first for me. I am always the driver and only give up the wheel after a great amount of prodding from my wife. Oh well, better safe than sorry.
Next Monday, we go to see the 14 year old at UVA. This should be our last visit to UVA. I am done with their uncaring attitude and "Text Book" medicine.
I will keep you all informed. Thanks for every one's help with the Senior's Day!!

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