Thursday, August 5, 2010

My FIRST Dementia related injury.

There is a nurse, from my insurance company, that calls me every month to see how I am doing. I believe I have discussed her and the Assurance Program of Blue Cross before. She is very caring and offers good advice and a caring ear to complain to. She always asks me if I have been injured or have been hospitalized due to my Parkinson's or Dementia. Up to now, I have always had to say no, thankfully. Well, last Monday, that all changed. The grandsons are visiting us for a couple of weeks and Grandma has all sorts of activities planned for them. This week was surf camp, and Monday was cool and wet. As the boys were surfing, Linda and I decided to go back to the car and get warm. We put some things in the back of our Forrester, and I remembered that she had a rain jacket in the box I keep in the back. So I rushed to the back of the car, complete oblivious to the fact that she was forcefully shutting the tail gate. You guessed it, lots of blood, a ride to the Hospital in an ambulance, and 6 staples in my forehead. Not to mention a pretty good headache. I am OK, and the staples look like a new fashion statement, but the next time I get that call, I can say, Yes, because I was not aware of my circumstances.